Let’s talk good copywriting

I’m not going to tell you how good a copywriter I am because, let’s face it, that would be predictable and you’ll judge anyway from this site. I’d rather use the space to talk about how good copywriting works for you.

What you say – in print and online – has just seconds to make an impact but leaves a lasting impression of your company.

How you say it is a statement of your professionalism. If your copy’s strong and authoritative that’s how people will view you but if the copy’s weak and disorganised they’ll think you’re like that too.

Winning trust is vital: customers only buy when they trust what you’re saying so you need to pick your words very carefully.

Tone of voice, reflecting your personality, is essential for your unique brand so that you make a distinctive mark.

Good copywriting takes care of all this. Whether you need a new website or a new sales letter, a good copywriter will help you find the right words for the job, and tell your story in the tone of voice your audience wants to hear.

Call me, Julie Lefebve (I know the surname looks like a spelling mistake but it isn’t!) on 01753 831604 or 07946 450708 to talk about writing services that could boost your business.


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